Roar on the Shore brings thousands of people to downtown Erie

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The roar is back on the shore for the eleventh year, thousands of motorcycles line the streets of downtown Erie. 

I really hope that everybody’s enjoying their day today,” said Andrew, attendee. Kids and adults alike also line the streets watching the motorcycles make their way into downtown for the annual “Bringin in the Roar Parade”.

William Schaening moved to Erie from Puerto Rico and he says he loving his first Roar on the Shore. “You can look at the nice motorcycles, the people having fun, so very, very nice.” said Schaening. For some people, this is their first Roar on the Shore and for others, they’ve been doing it ever since it started.

Randy Hayden has rode in the parade since day one and he wanted to help give back to charity and connect with friends. “Connecting with friends that you don’t see, people get married or whatever and their lives go on… it’s just nice to say hi and stuff,” said Hayden.

Santa Claus even rode in on a motorcycle instead of a sleigh to partake in Roar on the Shore. He rides in the parade every year. “Coming down here seeing all the kids, what more can you ask for,” said Mr. Claus. According to event organizers, Roar on the Shore gets bigger each year. 

The motorcycles aren’t going away just yet,  there will be more Roar on the Shore events all the way until Sunday. 

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