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It was about this time last year when the Pokemon Go App took the country by storm.  This summer, there is a new trend in the region engaging people with nature.

Rock Out Erie is a facebook group that started just under a month ago.  In that short time, it has exploded with nearly 14,000 members to date.  The response from those involved has been overwhelmingly positive.

The idea is simple.  Grab a rock, or a few rocks, paint them, and hide them in public places.  You’re encouraged to post a clue to the Rock Out Erie page and when someone finds it, they will post a picture with your rock to the page before re-hiding it.  It’s becoming so popular that some people are joining in on accident.

Some locals share their thoughts on why Rock Out Erie is such a craze:  

“I like how people search for it and sometimes keep it because it’s an honor.”

“It’s growing like wildfire.”

“This person, Joe, had just told me about it the day of going to the beach and I had found it.  And then I found some more.   Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

“These beautiful hand-painted rocks are not only inspiring a sense of community and artistic creativity, they’re also inspiring people to clean up litter as they hunt.”

“People are like, I’ve noticed the litter or I noticed this or we started taking a bag with us.  We’re looking at cleaning things as we’re looking for rocks or collecting rocks. “

The group is encouraging families to get out into nature and explore their community.  Anyone can join the group on facebook by clicking here.

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