Rodman to “visit friends” in North Korea

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Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea for the fifth time in five years.  The former NBA star says, “I’m just here to see some friends and have a good time.”

Once again, Rodman is drawing criticism for palling around with the country’s controversial leader.  Rodman, who was a cast member on two seasons of President Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” says his goal is to create a dialogue between the two nations, and that he is in the rare position of being friends with both men.

The nation’s infamous leader, Kim Jong-Un is accused of starving his nation and subjecting its residents to slave labor and concentration camps.  Most recently, a 22 year old American who was imprisoned in North Korea and sentenced to 15 years of heavy labor for attempting to steal a political banner from a hotel, was sent back to America after suspiciously “slipping” into a coma for over a year shortly  after the day of his trial.

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