ERIE, Pa. — After record-breaking snowfall, the need for professional snow and ice removal from roofs has meant that some homeowners are coming out of cold, hard cash.

As demand for the work increases, a local roofer warns that some contractors are working illegally.

Kyle Brink of Brink Roofing said some companies are not registered to work in Pennsylvania. He said when a company registers, the state can do a background check and ensure that the contractor is properly insured.

Brink said that without registration, it can be difficult to track down any offenders.

“Some contractors from out-of-state come in, and they’re only doing a few jobs,” he said. “They kind of go under the radar. Get the jobs. Get out of town.”

To reduce chances of being scammed, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends that homeowners check for a registration number and review business ratings with the BBB.