The weather outside is getting hotter by the day.

Workers outside in the blazing temperature are facing a heat challenge.

We spoke to some roofers and landscapers to see how they manage working in these conditions.

When we spoke to the roofers and landscapers, both said that water is key to getting the job done.

The beaming sun may be just right for many fun activities, but when you’re working in the heat, it may not.

“It’s definitely super hot. It’s a tough work, it’s tough as it is,” said Brandan Clough, Foreman, Pinnacle Roofing and Construction Company.

Clough works for Pinnacle Roofing and Construction Company. He said that the sun doesn’t stop his passion because he said there are many ways to keep cool at the job.

“We take plenty of breaks, drink plenty of water. Anytime there’s shade right there we absolutely you know we take a half hour in the shade to kind of regroup,” said Clough.

Clough said that he and his team would dip the towels in a bucket filled with ice-cold water and put the towel around their necks to help them cool off.

Clough’s boss, Noah McClung, said that workers work the day early when they know the heat will be unbearable later in the day.

McClung said that the excessive heat can be dangerous for his workers.

The business owner said that maintaining the safety of his workers is his main priority.

“We want everybody to go home to their families at the end of the day. We do a dangerous job already. Add the heat into it it’s a whole other level,” said Noah McClung, Owner of Pinnacle Roofing and Construction Company.

Some workers said that the heat won’t stop them from getting the job done.

“We’re pretty used to the heat and as the summer goes on we’re getting accumulated to it anyway. So our work performance doesn’t really drop and our work quality definitely doesn’t drop,” said Nicholas Levandowski, Landscaper at Weiss Earley.

McClung said that when it’s 90 degrees, workers will experience at least 110 degrees when working on the roof.

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