Rosebud Flower Shop’s Owner has running a business in her blood…

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Valentine’s Day is the busiest day for floral shops; roses going out by the dozens.  At Rosebud Flower Shop on East 10th Street, the staff pulled an all-nighter to get everything all set for today.  More than 2,500 roses were delivered or pick up this Valentine’s Day.  But, what’s unique about this year, is that it’s the first time under new management.  Who is that new manager?  Anna Shelter Owner Ruth Thompson’s daughter, who is carrying on the family business into its third generation.

Exciting news for Thompson, who thought she would have to close up shop.  Rosea Lena Thompson says, “when she mentioned about closing it I thought, ‘well why don’t I come in and see how it goes?’ and it kind of just went from there”.

Ruth says, “I was getting to the point where I was dreading coming here so now seeing the excitement when she is here and when she pulls me in on projects, it’s great… it’s a good feeling”.

Ruth’s Dad, Jim Thompson, started Rosebud Flower Shop.

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