Route 24- A unique history of the $2 bill

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Its a $2 trip along Route 24. We are taking a look at the $2 bill in this week’s trip.

As David Belmondo reports, the $2 bill is America’s rarest current denomination of U.S. currency.

The unique history of the $2 bill has given the note an air of mystery and legend. It is always an instant conversation starter at parties and events when you take out a $2 bill.

Around the holidays, banks will typically see an increase in customers asking for $2 bills.

“We do, typically around the holiday time, we see a lot more requests than just generically throughout the year. Christmas time, they make great stocking suffers. Easter time, people like to use them for Easter egg hunts. So, during the holidays or birthdays, things like that,” said Jessica Garrity, Northwestern Bank Branch, MGR Summit SQ.

How rare is the $2 bill? Low printing numbers starting in the 1950’s resulted in the $2 bill, becoming the rarest current denomination of U.S. currency.

The rarity caused people to hoard any $2 bills they came across. As a result, this decreased the circulation of the $2 bill even more.

For a lot of people, a $2 bill is questionable, especially for the younger generation working in the fast food industry where a lot of bills trade hands.

“I’d probably ask a manager personally to check it out and make sure it was real,” said Anabella Shaffer-Birch.

Birch says she has only seen a $2 bill one time.

Today, it is said the $2 bill constitutes around 1 percent of all notes in U.S. circulation.

In 2005 alone, 61 million $2 bills were printed. This is more than twice the number of $2 bills that were printed annually between 1990 and 2001.

There are several reasons we found why people don’t like the $2 bill.

One fun fact about the $2 bill is the scene of the Declaration of Independence that appears on the bill’s reverse side is not a perfect duplicate of the John Trumbull painting. Five figures were removed to make the image fit the bill.

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