Route 24 – Modern billboards: How the process has changed over the years

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You can’t help but notice them as you drive along the highways and byways; those billboards that dot the landscape with messages and sales pitches.  But, how do they get from the planning stages to those billboards we see every day?  Dave Belmondo shows us on Route 24…

You see them all the time; we’re talking about billboards.  More than 368,000 billboards across the US.  Lamar Advertising offers coverage across 12 counties in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio.  

Tim Polochak is Vice President, General Manager of Lamar.  And, he says, over the years, billboards have changed. In days past, workers would put up billboards with paper and slap the back of it with messy paste.  He tells us, “you would slap it up on the back and it would basically cover the guy and imagine a paste popsicle in the winter in Erie.”

Not a good thing.  But, all that has changed for the better.  Now, workers use a single sheet product making it also eco-friendly, “which is PE, polyurethane, which is 100% recyclable and it’s not in sections. In the past, it was 30 little sections, now it’s just one SINGLE sheet.”

Palochak says that makes for better quality and graphics. 

But, how do those words and messages get onto those digital billboards?  Matt Texter can control that from his computer.  After meeting with the clients and deciding what’s going on the billboard, Matt designs the message you’ll see. “I’ve had the opportunity to work on some things. I see and I’m like, ‘WOW, that’s mine…’ It’s pretty cool though.”

So, what’s the trick when it comes to a billboard on the side of a highway with cars driving by?  “When it comes to design, less is more.”

Thanks for traveling with us on today’s Route 24 with David Belmondo.

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