Roxy the puppy: her fight for survival and her new home

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An average day of hunting in the woods with his grandson turns into an animal rescue mission for one Millcreek man.  The man going to life-threatening lengths to ensure an injured and abandoned puppy survived.  The pup’s injuries were so severe she spent six weeks receiving treatment at the local Humane Society.

Al Wright and his Grandson, Aviry, were hoping to spot some deer while hunting in the woods near West Springfield.  They heard an animal approaching but knew it was too small to be a deer; it was a rottweiler puppy.  Severely injured and left for dead, Al and Aviry managed to get the frightened puppy into his truck.   

Wright says, “I reached down and I said, ‘hey buddy, how are you doing?’ and I started petting him… my hand got wet and I looked at my hand and it was all bloody…  The first night she was so scared, she wouldn’t even get out of my truck at my house.  I actually spent most of the night with her in the back of the truck so none of the other animals in the neighborhood would bother her. She had been through enough. I couldn’t leave her out. She couldn’t get out of the truck and I didn’t want to force her because she had already been through enough. I have a funny feeling she was afraid to get out of the truck because she thought maybe I’d just get in and drive away… cause it had already happened to her.”

Executive Director Humane Society of NWPA, Nicole Bawol, says, “It didn’t matter if it was at 8:30 or 9:00 on a Saturday night. My first reaction was, ‘there’s a pet that needs us and there’s a person that needs our help’. So, I called him back and I said just bring her here. This our job, this our mission. Our mission is to help these needy animals. And she needs help.”

After six weeks of treatment and care at the Humane Society, Roxy was ready for her forever home.  Steven Dick, a disabled storm veteran, had been searching for the perfect rottweiler companion.  “I saw her sitting there and that was it…”  He says he feels unbelievably lucky to have been chosen by the Humane Society to take Roxy home.

Theresa Hanna, Steven’s Girlfriend, says, “She just loves people… she trusts us. It’s just amazing how dogs can do that after being neglected so bad.”

As for Al and Aviry, they plan to stay close with Roxy and her new family.  Al says, “She’s now healthy and happy and has a home where she’s going to be happy forever… couldn’t ask for much more for the little girl.”

Steven and Theresa say Roxy is a spoiled pup these days.  They recently bought a new Tempurpedic bed for themselves and somehow, within just a few days, it’s become Roxy’s bed.  She is definitely getting that much-needed love.

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