Rubble from Girard Presbyterian Church to be cleared beginning week of March 4th

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It’s a night parishioners of Girard Presbyterian Church will not forget; July 24th of last year when fire ripped through the church, pretty much burning it to the ground.  But now, plans are in the works to rebuild the house of worship. 

For the past seven months, all that remains of the Presbyterian Church in Girard is burned-out rubble; an eyesore for those driving by, heartache for those who worshipped inside. 

Flames shot high into the night sky that early morning in July 2018.  By the time firefighters arrived at the church, flames had taken over the building and there was no saving this house of worship.

But, from the ashes comes renewal.  The remains of the church will be cleared out beginning the week of March 4th.  

Reverend Nicola Vitiello tells us it will be “a renewed sadness for that because there’s going to be nothing there and that’s going to be odd… There’s nothing there.”

But, clearing the rubble is the start to a new beginning. 

Church Secretary Sheri Mason tells us, “having it come down is going to be very painful, at the same time, God gave us an opportunity and gave us a chance to turn that corner and look forward to what’s to come.”

Unlike the old church, the new church will have a whole new design. The plan is for it to be one level so it will be a change from before. So, it will sit more on the property in terms it will be a larger space on the property.

In the meantime, parishioners from this church have been attending services at the Presbyterian Church in Lake City, but can’t wait to get their own church back.

It’s a sign of hope; the church is going to come back and find new ministeries it can do and elaborate on existing ministries in the county.

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