Runners brave the heat to complete half marathon

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It was another hot and humid summer day in the area on Sunday, and despite some scorching temperatures thousands of people made their way to Presque Isle to run this year’s half marathon.

Cheers, smiles and medals were all a part of the finish line, however during the race, roasting temperatures certainly created an obstacle. “Sadly a few people went down with heat problems, but that happens almost every event anymore and we hope all are well. One got taken away by ambulance, everybody else was treated here and went on their way,” said Dave Comi, President of the Erie Runners Club.

Throughout the course there were various water stations in order to keep runners hydrated and with the heat playing such a large factor, ice towels were also distributed. Even with the various water stops, staying hydrated was still a test for runners. “It was nice and I used electrolyte that I had with me too. So I try to stay hydrated as best I could,” said Steve Grabert, a race finisher.

For those who stuck it out and braved the weather, there was certainly a sense of accomplishment. Many made a final sprint to the finish line, but some runners say there was something else that a unique bond was created during that 13.1 run. “I guess you can’t really prepare for race day because I came in nervous and then I met a girl from Cleveland like I said and we ended up running together and she saved me,” said Elyse Ferraro, who completed her first half marathon. “It was a really cool experience to run my first half. This is the farthest I’ve ever ran and it was really cool to do it together. I mean I definitely started running because of my dad,” said Hannah Karayan, half marathon finisher.

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