We spoke with the executive director of SafeNet who described to us how impactful domestic violence is and how you can help victims.

SafeNet is described as a non-profit organization providing free confidential services including counseling, legal advocacy, education and shelter to victims of domestic violence.

The executive director said events like the Erie Runners Clubs’s annual tutu race put domestic violence in the spotlight.

“It brings awareness to the fact that domestic violence is in our community and the fact that we all need to be aware of it and what it is and what it looks like,” said Robyn Young, executive director of SafeNet.  

She said statistically, it affects one in four people.

She also said it can be a male or female partner, and that domestic abuse does not have to be physical.

“Someone who maybe has to be someplace that their partner wants them to be all the time, someone whose partner tracks their time, someone whose partner is overly jealous, and I don’t mean just a little jealous, someone who does not want them speaking with people of the opposite sex,” Young explained.

She added, the most important thing is if you believe someone’s partner could be abusive, talk to them about it and ask them if things are okay.

If you want to reach out to safe net you can contact them at 814-454-8161.

Their help is available 24 hours a day.