Safety tips for upcoming heat wave

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With summer comes heat and as temperatures rise in the region, health officials want people to stay safe. 

“It can be bad for their little bodies, their hearts and bodies can’t take that,” said Casey Kuhn. 
Kuhn is a mother of two and she says she likes to take her kids to the water park or say inside when it’s hot. Whereas, Armando Ramirez says the heat won’t stop him from taking a ride on his bike, but he is cautious. “Vitamin water, keeping you healthy, you know,” said Ramirez. 

If you plan on going out in the heat wave, doctors say stay hydrated and make sure to put on sunscreen. Dr. Brett Forehand says hydration during a heat wave is very important for the elderly and very young kids. “Just making sure someone is there to keep an eye on them,” said Dr. Forehand. “Giving them access to fluids, making sure that they’re able to cool off if they need too.”  As people take to the beach during the hot days, Dr. Forehand recommends not drinking too much alcohol. “A lot of time alcohol can be dehydrating and certainly when you’re out having fun at the beach alcohol is always involved in that for most people,” said Dr. Forehand. Another tip the doctor recommends is avoiding salty foods during the heat wave as that can cause dehydration. Keep in mind that alcohol is prohibited at Presque Isle, but still stay hydrated while drinking alcohol during the heat wave.  

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