Saint Luke School hosts 19th annual ‘Patriot Day’ to pay tribute to 9/11 victims

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Saint Luke School had the chance to host its 19th year of “Patriot Day” to honor those who have lost their lives in 9/11.

The school was able to hold the event outside of the school’s front parking lot this morning.

Students waved the American flag and had signs thanking first responders and military men and women.

A limited number of 8th grade students from the school’s 9/11 club presented the attendees gifts to show the school’s appreciation of their service and sacrifice.

Teachers of the school say teaching what happened in 9/11 is vital to American history.

“We try to tie in the fact that we have people here that will protect us now, it’s not going to happen again. We have the fire, the police chief and the EMT’s, they’re all here to protect us and keep us safe,” said Sue Amendola, 2nd grade teacher, Saint Luke School.

The school is also going to plant two trees as part of their tribute.

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