Saint Vincent Hospital opens state-of-the-art urological center

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Patients at Saint Vincent Hospital can now take advantage of a newly renovated urological center.

The newly renovated center has more than doubled its capacity, looking to help an even broader range of patients.

The newly expanded Allegheny Health Network Saint Vincent Urology Practice has transformed into the future, from new ultrasound equipment to developing more rooms in order to decrease the wait.

“A new vision of how we deliver care. Not only do we have bricks and mortar here that have expanded, but we have new technology. We have raised the skill level of people that are working here. It is a tremendous opportunity for the folks in this area,” said Peter Lund, MD, Saint Vincent Hospital.

One of the hospitals largest goals through this project is to expand the variety of patients that come in.

“Urological services aren’t just for men. So certainly female patients have urological problems too. One of the most common problems that exists is kidney stone disease. We absolutely recognize that and we are working on ways to more immediately address patients that have stone issues,” said Chris Clark, DO, MHA, President, Saint Vincent Hospital.

In order to create this, Allegheny Heath Network and Highmark Health invested $3.5 million. An additional million dollar grant came from the Hess-Roth Foundation, part of the Erie Community Foundation.

The new equipment is designed to help men and women, however, this is just the beginning of what’s coming to the hospital.

“As the community recognizes, we have two more major projects that are nearly complete. October is a very busy month for us with the completion of our emergency department and our cancer center coming soon,” said Dr. Clark.

The expanded practice will include three urologists and six advanced practice practitioners.

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