Sanders supporters not backing Clinton

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The Democratic National Convention  is  a bust according to some  Bernie Sanders supporters.  Hillary Clinton will be making her acceptance speech Thursday night, but. sanders followers are having a hard time believing that he has lost. Sanders supporters across the nation are unsatisfied with the parties presumptive nominee.
Fox 66 News spoke with democrats in Erie. most of them said they’re  disappointed with Hilary Clinton. Dr. Michael Federici,  Mercyhurst Professor of Political Science said there has been a rough battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie sanders and it will be difficult for Clinton to win over the sander supporters. 
He said Clinton will have to appeal to Sanders supporters and independents in her acceptance speech to unite the party,  “To appeal to the Sanders voters she has to move last two fields of independence she has to move right she can’t do both at once. “
There are some third party candidates gaining popularity,  but Dr. Federici  said voters don’t know enough about  them just yet to be able to tell if they will take away votes from Clinton. 

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