Santa Claus arrives at the Millcreek Mall

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Normally the Millcreek Mall would be packed today because today is the day that Santa Claus arrives at the Mall.

However, like many events this year, Santa’s arrival was not as busy as previous years because many people chose to stay home.

We spoke to families who wanted to have their photos taken with Santa today.

Fewer families are coming out to the mall today to visit Santa. Those families who decided to visit Santa said that it’s part of their holiday tradition.

This year when people get a photo with Santa, it looks a little different.

The area where Santa has been stationed at the mall has added an acrylic divider, performs frequent sanitization of surfaces and scheduled photo appointments.

Some parents however said that they are glad that they can continue a holiday tradition.

“We just really enjoy the holidays, it’s just a tradition. Something we’ve done every year and we do send them out in cards and we keep them in a frame on top of the entertainment center so it’s just a keep sake also,” said Shelly Barnhart, Participant of Photos with Santa.

Another mother said that with some missed photo opportunities this year, she is glad that she will be able to look back at her sons photos with Santa.

“I missed his birthday back in March because of COVID. We couldn’t get his three year pictures taken so we’re gonna make up for it with these Christmas pictures,” said Jackie Monza, Participant of Photos with Santa.

Santa even said that despite fewer families getting photos with him, he is glad that he is able to put smiles on peoples faces.

“This is the season for children, young or old and that’s what they enjoy about Christmas. It makes them a little happy. It makes them a little more smiley, maybe gets their minds off of the current situation that’s out there,” said Santa Claus, Millcreek Mall.

Santa added that it seems like most people are staying home.

“Usually on the arriving day of Santa, this place is elbow to elbow. Now people are just not really wanting to do that,” said Santa.

If you want to see Santa at the Millcreek Mall, the best option is to schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment to see Santa at the mall, click here.

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