Sarah Reed Children’s Center receives gift

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The kids at Sarah Reed Children’s Center have received a generous gift…

A new gym floor to play on!  The Children’s Center on Harvard Road in Erie celebrating the freshly refinished floor this morning, the floor refinished by Express Wood.

General Electric volunteers put in more than 500 hours and $13,000 to help make the project possible.

Patty Esposito of Sarah Reed Children’s Center, tells us, “Every school you go to, the gym is the one place kids want to be. It gives them more opportunity in a fresh, clean, safe place to play.”

Ron Greer, of General Electric tells us why they wanted to help.  “GE is a health-ahead organization. We take that very seriously. It’s important to us, our employees and we like to send that same message to the community…”

The owner of Express Wood says it’s their pleasure to donate time, money and resources to help give back to the hundreds of children at the center.

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