Sara’s opens for another season, and that’s no joke…

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A summer staple spot in Erie has opened its doors for the season. 

We took a visit to Sara’s to talk to customers along with the owner to talk about what makes this place such a classic. 

Cars filled the parking lot and full lines formed inside as people were set to indulge in their first Sara’s of the season.

From hot dogs to ice cream, those are the classics that make Sara’s the place to be on opening day.

Suzanne Taczak says, “Every year, April 1st, for six years in a row since moving to Erie, we come for the best hot dog in Pennsylvania!”

One key part of making this such a popular spot for people is the fact that there are quite a few things on the menu that they can only get by visiting here.

Sean Candela, Owner, tells us, “We have created a menu of things you can’t get elsewhere. We have our homemade zucchini, homemade onion rings, chargrilled hot dogs, sherbert twists, and now we have the Lake Erie Perch, so we try to do things that are a little different and a little unique and we try to always buy the best quality.”

“We like to make it fun around here,” he tells us. “We have a lot of puns on the ceilings, we have fun signs.”

Sara’s is certainly a fun place to be as people enjoy their meal with plenty of smiles and laughs. Some even making jokes about just how much they enjoy it.

So, take a trip on down to Sara’s; it’s not an April fools joke, it’s just good food and good fun.

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