Savage found guilty of third degree murder

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The jury reaches a verdict in a prison attack that turned deadly.

30-year-old Kareem Savage has been found guilty of third-degree murder, among other charges.

Opening statements wrapped up this morning in the trial for Kareem Savage.  

Investigators say in September 2016, Savage was involved in a prison attack at the State Correctional Institution at Albion. 

Prosecutors said the jury would be able to unfold what happened through video evidence.

Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Lightner saying in court, “Kareem Savage attacked and stomped out repeatedly, boot-to-head, a man named Anthony Wilson.”

The video shows Wilson lying on the ground, not fighting back.  The 58-year-old victim, Anthony Wilson, died a few months later.

While the Commonwealth was seeking a first-degree murder conviction, the defense was asking the jury to acquit, raising questions of whether or not Savage is clearly identified in the video and if Wilson died as a result of the attack or something else. 

Attorney Bruce Sandmeyer telling the jury, “When [Wilson] was released from the hospital, there was no threat to his life”.

But, the prosecution said the answer was in the DNA evidence, with Wilson’s found on three different parts of the defendant’s boots.

The jury heard from several witnesses, beginning with prison staff who witnessed the attack. 

Savage is already facing a life behind bars for previous murders.  He’s scheduled to be sentenced in April.

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