Scary moments after a deer crashes through windshield of school bus in Rhode Island

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Some tense and scary moments for a group of students on a Rhode Island school bus after a deer crashes through a windshield.

Police say the bus driver and four children suffered minor injuries. With his mother’s permission, 13-year old Zachary Lake was on the bus.

“I just heard a bunch of ‘Eer’ and ‘Psh’ and the deer went flying through the windshield,” Lake said. “I had my backpack on my lap so I didn’t go flying forward but there was tons and tons of glass in my bag and in my hood and in my hair.

Police say that another car hit the deer and launched it towards the bus. The accident happened on Chase Road. Detective Kyle Costa said that the bus driver injured his hand.

“It was a chaotic scene, obviously with anything like that it’s a traumatic event for the children and the bus driver,” Costa said. “It’s incredible he was able to maintain control of that bus.”

Lake and his mother are now crediting the bus driver for acting calm and putting the children first in this chaotic situation.

“He didn’t have red face or he didn’t say ‘ow’ or ‘oh my god my finger’ he just brushed it off.”

“Mark is amazing, he always has their safety first,” Zachary’s mother Gillian said. “He was just calm and telling the kids to get out of the bus and I wouldn’t have even parked so neatly on the side of the road, I would have crashed with a deer coming at my face.”

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