Schember Administration wants to ensure public knows how to apply for block grants

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The Community Development Block Grant Program continues to move forward with the Schember Administration holding another public meeting this morning. 

The aim is to make sure applicants know how to apply for grants while also gaining any feedback residents may have. 

Erie is projected to receive nearly $2.8 million. That money will be used for city renovation projects, residential rehabilitation, and emergency services.

Chris Groner, Director Department of Economic & Community Development, tells us, “There are never enough resources to cover all of the needs.  So, that’s why we rely on our community partners and the organizations to give us the feedback as to how the application process should go, the projects that they’re working on, and to try to best leverage these limited funds.”

Much of the federal funding for these grants will be coming from the US Department of Urban Housing. 

Another public meeting is scheduled for tonight at 6pm at City Hall.

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