Schember makes acceptance speech, Persinger concedes

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Schember made his victory speech at the Bayfront Sheraton early in the evening.  He thanked his volunteers and laid out his vision for Erie’s future, including a reorganization of City Hall.  Schember says the key to winning this race was the door-to-door interaction.  

“I just have those long connections. I know that my opponent had a lot more money invested into this race but I think that money could not have overcome the relationships I’ve built in this community,” Schember tells us.  

Republican Candidate John Persinger called Schember to concede this morning.  Persinger posted a statement on his campaign Facebook page saying, “I thanked him for running a positive campaign that was focused on the issues and wished him the best of luck.  Thank you to all of our supporters who believed in our campaign, despite the long odds. 

“We knew from the beginning it was going to be difficult, even a long shot because of the voters’ numbers, but our folks didn’t care, they were not worried about the past, they were worried about the future and bringing new ideas and energy to city hall.”

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