Schember reaches out to Persinger/Sinnott for collaboration

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Mayor-Elect Joe Schember is ready to get to work.  Schember, his Campaign Manager, and family gathering today; sifting through emails and paperwork as the Mayor-Elect works on his transition strategy.

Schember winning the election with 53% of the vote.  His Republican Challenger, John Persinger, called Schember this morning to concede and congratulate him on his victory.  The two, literally neighbors, moving forward on a positive note.  

“One of the things I said to John this morning on our call is I would like to get together next week have lunch and talk about our visions for Erie and if you’d like to be a part of that I would like to understand how can we work together to make this city better,” Schember tells us. 

He also says he plans to meet with out-going Mayor Joe Sinnott next week to get an understanding of how City Hall works before deciding on any significant changes.  

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