Schember says city will send bill to Trump Campaign for 10k for visit, but unsure they’ll pay

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The cost of President Trump’s visit is increasing. The question tonight, ‘Are Erie taxpayers on the hook for that bill?’

Erie’s Mayor is now estimating Wednesday’s rally will cost $30,000 at a minimum. 

The event drew a reported 9,000 people inside Erie Insurance Arena and thousands more outside.  Erie’s Public Safety forces were pressed into extra duty before, during, and after the rally.  And, because they consider it a campaign stop, the city is now calculating a final bill for the Trump Campaign to pay. 

Mayor Joe Schember tells us, “What’s easy to do is all the overtime that was, and, but what we’re also trying to calculate is the benefit cost.  We took a number of police and firefighters off regular duty to work this instead of their regular duties.  So, we think we’re going to come in the $30,000 range and that’s a pretty big pricetag.”

Schember expects to send a bill to the Trump Campaign next week, but says he doesn’t know if they’ll pay it.      

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