School bus safety tips as the new school year begins

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As summer break comes to an end, kids are heading back to school and that means school buses are back on the roads.

If you’re heading to work or getting your children ready for the bus stop it’s important to remember school bus safety tips before you hit the roads.

It’s time to go back to school and for many students that means taking the bus. It’s important to remember the rules of the road.

“Everyone is required to stop for a bus unless there is some kind of barrier that would separate the bus from other traffic,” said Jill Harry, PennDOT District One Press Officer.

That includes a median with grass and cement. Otherwise it’s required by the Pennsylvania law that you must stop.

PennDOT also works with school bus transportation drivers every spring to ensure they are also doing their jobs correctly before picking up students for the new school year.

“In Pennsylvania, we have about 1.5 million students that take the bus everyday to get to school. That’s a lot of kids everyday that are just trying to get where they want to go safely,” said Harry.

Chief Al Donahue of the Edinboro Police Department said if you don’t follow the rules on the road you may face a hefty fine.

“It’s a $250 fine. On top of that a $35 surcharge. You’ll receive five points off your license and your licence will be suspended for 60 days,” said Chief Al Donahue, Edinboro Police Department.

Most school buses have cameras which can pick up license plate numbers if you illegally pass, and police can find you and fine you.

There are school bus safety tips you can take to make sure you’re following the rules correctly on the road.

It’s important to slow down. Stop at least 10 feet from the bus. You must wait until the red lights have stopped flashing. Do not move until all children have reached a safe place.

It’s also important to sit down with your child and give them tips to look out for when they get on or off the bus to ensure their safety.

If you’re looking to gain more information or safety tips to look out for when your kids get on the bus, PennDOT will hold a National School Bus Safety Week from October 21 to October 25.

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