School Safety Commission releases national recommendations for improving school security

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Tonight, 10 months after the deadly massacre at Parkland High School, the Trump Administration is releasing its report on how schools nationwide can improve their security. 

“Everyday, I wake up wishing my little boy was here.”

Max Schachter lost his teenage son Alex in February’s Parkland Florida School shooting.  He hopes parents nationwide will read the recommendations from the president’s School Safety Commission.

“Every school around the country should look at this report and analyze all the recommendations.”

The report, released Tuesday, suggests dozens of ways to improve school security, from adding mental health resources to enacting stricter discipline policies and permitting some school employees to carry guns; to allowing law enforcement to take weapons away from potentially violent students.  

President Donald Trump says, “…stopping a tragedy before it happens, it’s our number one goal”.

The report says there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to improving school safety.  Instead, the commission suggests each community pick and choose ideas that might work in local schools. 

Scarlett Lewis lost her son Jesse in the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. She says she’s thrilled that the report goes beyond simply improving physical security. 

“Teaching kids how to have healthy connections, how to manage their emotions, skills and tools for resilience…” 

The president says the report is a challenge to communities nationwide and lawmakers at all levels to do more to keep kids safe. 

“Nothing matters more than protecting our children.”

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