Scott Enterprises nearing completion of first part of multi-million dollar project on Erie’s Bayfront— Hampton Inn Hotel

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The latest piece of Erie’s Bayfront is nearing completion, part of a massive project to transform the Harbor Place property off of State Street.

Scott Enterprises is inching closer to the completion of the first part of their multi-million dollar project on the Bayfront, a new Hampton Inn Hotel, but it hasn’t been easy.

Within the next few months, a new hotel on the Bayfront is expected to open its doors, finally, after some gusting issues delayed the process.

“We’ve had a lot of challenges with the wind. We actually had, at one point in time, the wind was so strong that it took our trailer, twisted it up, and threw it across the parking lot. It was a total loss. In addition, there were times you couldn’t leave the building on the West Side; the wind was so strong you couldn’t get the door open,” said Nick Scott Jr., Vice President and Owner, Scott Enterprises.

Once construction is complete on the eight story hotel, it will feature one addition that is not only new to the Bayfront, but to the City of Erie as well.

“What they’re looking to do with that rooftop lounge, I think, is going to offer some fabulous views and will continue to give us another reason why visitors will want to come down to this Bayfront,” said John Oliver, President and CEO, VisitErie.

Once this hotel is open for visitors, Scott Enterprises is expected to begin phase two of the project.

“We’d like to quickly move into the next phase of the project, which does include office complexes, residential, and then a second hotel. We want to move right into those phases, but we have to get this open first. It will always be a bit of a challenge down here in construction when you have winds off the bay like we have,” said Scott.

Scott explained that as the construction team continues to work, the goal is to have the doors open for business in either March or April.

Once this hotel is complete, Scott Enterprises explained the second phase of the project is a second hotel and courtyard in between the two hotels.

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