A device implemented to keep the bayfront clean is being moved for better cleaning efforts.

A Seabin was placed in the East Canal Basin on Earth Day and has since collected Styrofoam, plastic bags, drink containers and seaweed.

The constant collection of seaweed is resulting in the Seabin being moved to the harbor of the U.S. Brig Niagara and Erie Maritime Museum.

The crew of the Niagara is partnering with the planning department to collect data on what is being collected in the Seabin.

“We believe that the seaweed won’t be such a big problem over there, and also there’s a public education component as the bayfront [Erie] Maritime Museum will include information about the Seabin and pollution in our lake as part of their educational tours,” said Lynn Armel, sustainability coordinator.

The data collected will be used to target their litter prevention efforts.