The search for a missing Meadville woman continues, but those closest to her have not given up hope.

Candice Caffas, 35, was last seen on July 15. Search crews and volunteers have spent countless hours looking for her, but as the season changes, they are hoping this can create new ways to look for her.

They now have multiple big billboards on the side of highways, and they hope that hunters out in the woods can help too. Volunteers, a helicopter, a mounted horse unit from Harrisburg, drones and even a K-9 unit have aided in the search.

Candice’s mother said they are still looking every day.

“We have just looked everywhere and we can’t find anything. We can’t find her. We have started over with people that thought they saw her. We have gone and talked to them again,” said Carol Caffas, Candice Caffas’ mother.

Candice’s mother hopes that now that it’s hunting season, with so many people out in the woods and wilderness, they would be able to find something that otherwise would be left undiscovered.

“That maybe they’ll hit spots that haven’t been covered and maybe we will find out something. There are a lot of trail cams out. I have talked to a lot of people that have trail cams out, and they have all watched their trail cams to make sure that they don’t see anything,” Carol Caffas added.

State police released the following statement on the search:

“The case is still open/active. Our department is not actively searching, only following up on any creditable tips/leads that are reported.”

Pennsylvania State Police

Candice’s mother said that they are also handing out flyers at area homeless shelters.