The search for a missing man who never arrived to his girlfriend’s house in Ohio last Saturday continues.

Here is the latest update on this case.

Two boats from the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue are along the Lampe Marina off of Front Street. Rescue teams told us that they started searching this morning around 7 a.m.

Rabin Subedi was reported missing last Saturday after he didn’t show up to his girlfriend’s house in Kent Ohio.

Millcreek Police found Subedi’s cell phone near Lampe Marina which led police to where his white Ford Mustang was abandoned.

Erie Police told us that security video shows the car was parked there around 10 p.m. on Friday. Footage also showed a person going from the car near the water.

A search and rescue helicopter is also flying along the coast line to the New York Boarder.

A Christian based ministry, Pennsylvania Search and Rescue is assisting with the search today.

The crews are using high tech equipment allowing for underway water and sonar.

“It’s similar to an ultrasound technology where we’re using imagery from the bottom and so we scan in a gridlike pattern and we review targets were interested in and identify through an underway drone,” said Jonathan Gingerich, Chief of Pennsylvania Search and Rescue.

the search will continue tonight until dusk.