If you’re in need of a summer job, the time to start looking is now.

Summer will be here before we know it and businesses have already gotten a jump start on filling their needs.

A couple of years ago Tim Sendey used to employ over 200 people. Last year his businesses operated with half the amount. Since the pandemic, he said that the restaurant industry has really taken a hit.

“That’s why you’re seeing restaurants closed on certain days. We can’t hold what we used to be in compacities due to the fact we don’t have as many employees,” said Tim Sedney, owner of Rum Runners, Woody’s Backwater Barge and The Cove.

Sendey has recently seen a decline in people who want to work.

“It’s very difficult in this business, especially with having patios that if you do get that 70- or 80-degree day, everyone wants to sit outside. We need to get people in here now we’re hoping that people want to work,” Sedney went on to say.

One new business owner is looking to fill his staffing needs with new and returning employees.

“We really focus on the younger individuals that are in high school primarily, some college. We’re hoping to get their feet wet in the business world,” said James Kress, co-owner of Lucky Duck Creamery.

The owners of Lucky Duck Creamery, formerly known as Mr. Shivers Ice Cream Custard Treats, said their employee base is really supported by students at Fort LeBoeuf High School.

“I think we should be able to secure enough of employment for the team that we will be able to provide customers with quick and ready service,” Kress went on to say.

Lucky Duck Creamery is set to open in two weeks on April 1. They are conducting interviews this week while the bayfront businesses just started advertising that all positions are open.