Many people prefer to purchase tickets in advance when they go to an event such as a ballgame in order to secure a seat.

However, the Erie SeaWolves are issuing a warning that if you purchase a ticket from the wrong website, it could end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Because of this issue, some people have paid more than $200 for tickets to a SeaWolves game. A standard price for a ticket is around $10-15.

Suspected scamming websites are leaving SeaWolves fans calling for a foul for some hefty prices.

“If you are online and you see that these tickets are $80 or $100 a piece, give us a call ahead of time because when you are looking at that, they are not verified through us,” said Tom Barnes, Director of Ticket Operations for Erie SeaWolves.

According to the SeaWolves, people came in on Thursday stating that they purchased tickets that ranged in prices from $60 to $250.

That is a lot more money compared to the standard ticket prices for the SeaWolves which range from $15-18.

“After the COVID shutdown and Minor League Baseball came back, there was an increase in secondary ticket market interest in Minor League Baseball, and it’s not just in Erie, it’s in other places,” said Greg Coleman, President of Erie SeaWolves.

To ensure that you are not being scammed, there are three important rules that you can follow before purchasing your tickets.

“When you are buying your SeaWolves tickets, go to or visit the UPMC Park ticket office, or just give us a call at 814-456-1300,” said Barnes.

Other people are saying that it is just easier to purchase your tickets at the ballpark.

“We saw the long line and said we will wait in line, we don’t mind. Then we saw those two nice SeaWolves shirted guys say hey we can get you out of line if you have cash, and we said we have cash so it was really easy and took about two seconds,” said Susan Parry, Erie Resident.

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There are three home games taking place this weekend, but before you purchase tickets, Coleman is stressing the importance of purchasing tickets on the SeaWolves website.