Second full day of testimony in the case of an Erie police officer accused in a fatal DUI crash

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New evidence is revealed on the second full day of testimony in the case of a suspended Erie police officer.

She’s charged with homicide by DUI, and Wednesday the jury got a better idea of how that fatal night unfolded.

From the beginning of this case, there’s been no question of whether or not the defendant was drunk the night of the crash, but Wednesday the jury took a closer look at just how drunk she was and the factors that led to her arrest.

Cheryl Frey walked freely into the Erie County Courthouse for the second full day of testimony.

She’s charged with driving drunk, causing a three-car collision and killing 57-year old Wade Schultze.

The jury learned Frey had up to five substances in her system that night, but her alcohol consumption amplified the effects of those drugs.

The prosecution showed the jury more than an hour of surveillance videos of Frey drinking at two separate bars, consuming at least 13 drinks in one night.

In an interview from the hospital, Frey told investigators she had no recollection of the crash.

She said, “Someone’s dead. That’s what I know.”

She also told troopers, “I know that I wouldn’t drive.”

But the defense is calling that statement into question.

They’re saying Frey had a major surgery just hours before investigators came in for questioning.

Her attorney is also raising concerns about the accuracy of the videos.

The tapes caught Frey entering and leaving both bars, but they don’t show her actually getting in the car to drive home.

The main question at stake again, how much of a role does the victim play in the cause of the accident?

All three drivers involved in this crash were legally drunk at the time of the accident.

This trial is at a standstill for now because the courthouse is closed tomorrow for Flag Day, but it will pick back up again on Friday. 

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