Sen. Dan Laughlin teaming up with Presque Isle Partnership to create light display at Presque Isle State Park

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One local lawmaker is trying to “light up” Presque Isle during the holiday season.

Senator Dan Laughlin, along with the Presque Isle Partnership are planning to hold a light display on Presque Isle to celebrate the upcoming season. Right now, they are still in the early phases of planning.

Sen. Laughlin says the park has had problems getting money to keep the infrastructure in place.

“The Presque Isle Partnership has been struggling. They could not have any events this year, so it just came to be that this will hopefully help them out as well.” Sen. Laughlin said. Laughlin said they are still looking at ways on how they are going to finance this.

They needed new and creative ways to fund projects and they wanted to keep Presque Isle a world class destination even during the cold months.

“An idea came to me that this would be a perfect place to do some holiday lighting and have people drive around in their cars during COVID-19. They can just stay in their cars.” Sen. Laughlin said.

Various buildings and arenas in the park will be illuminated with holiday light displays. People will drive in their cars to see the winter wonderland.

Laughlin envisions a display that may someday grow to rival the winter festival of lights at Oglebay in West Virginia. While the event will be free, planners are hoping that people will donate. They plan to enhance the show each year with more displays.

“We ahve some many great facilities here that we thought ‘Wow, we could really light these up using the existing infrastructure’ and create a scene on the peninsula that people can enjoy.” said Jon DeMarco, Presque Isle Partnership.

While details are still being sorted out, the plan is to have the park open and lit for drive-through from the end of November through December.

Other organizations working with Sen. Laughlin to hold the event are Penelec, First Energy, and the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

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