Senator Bob Casey holds town hall meeting

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Open seats in the Blasco Library were few and far between as community members gathered for a town hall meeting with Senator Bob Casey.
Among the the crowd, sat Terri Hulihan from Harborcreek.
“I think that people do need to know that we’re out here and we’re paying attention and we’re vocal.” 
Hulihan took the microphone for a chance to talk about healthcare.
She was one of many people who brought the repeal and replace debate to the forefront. 
“Now in their bill they kept saying ‘we’re going to protect people with pre-existing conditions,’ but what they didn’t tell you was you might technically under their bill have some coverage, but that doesn’t mean you can afford it,” said Senator Casey.
Health care wasn’t the only hot-button issue that came up.
People wanted to know the senator’s input on infrastructure.
“It’s essential to include S.407 in a larger infrastructure bill, but with that said that’s just one part of it and a stronger infrastructure bill would benefit everybody,” said John Howell from Edinboro. 
Howell told us he works with the Shoreline Railroad community and he believes the senator understands the value infrastructure can bring to a community.
He said all political leaders should hold town hall meetings and hear the concerns of the people they represent. 
“By holding events like this, Senator Casey has shown me that he is willing to listen to his constituents and I can’t think of a higher thing to do in public service,” said Casey.

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