Senior citizens attend Scam Smart Seminar to learn how to avoid scams

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In an effort to protect senior citizens from falling victim to scams, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office (AG) shared helpful tips on how to avoid the threat of fraud.

Most of the senior citizens at the seminar told Action News they have been contacted by scammers multiple times. The AG’s office wants to help them fight back.

We have all had to deal with those pesky phone or email scams at some point. On Monday, the AG’s Office stepped in to help senior citizens in the area to avoid those scams during a Scam Smart Seminar.

“I was getting calls saying I owed money on my cell phone and that there was a call made down in the Franklin area, and I never made that call,” said Frank Heim, attendee.

Frank Heim says he listened in on the seminar because he was getting harassing phone scam calls for a year. He says those calls went from being annoying to intimidating real quick.

“Even though you know you did nothing wrong and you did not make that call, the pressure of it weighs on you,” said Heim.

According to the agent who ran the seminar, the best way to protect yourself from phone scams is to ask questions and not to give out any of your credit or debit card information or social security number.

In addition to learning about ways to avoid scams, a drug prevention coordinator also shared tips on how senior citizens can protect their medication from thieves in the wake of the opioid crisis.

In order to make sure your medication is protected, it’s recommended that you use a timer top pill bottle, which keeps track of the last time you opened the bottle.

“If that clock on that timer top is not saying what it should, think about who was in your home 12 hours ago. You can usually pin point who may have gotten into your medication,” said Jay Musarra, Drug Prevention Coordinator, Coalition Pathways.

It’s also highly recommended to not keep your medication in the medicine cabinet, but rather next to your bed or a secure location.

Another helpful tip when trying to avoid those scams is to be careful when donating to certain charities.

Make sure to ask a lot of questions before giving out any money.

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