Sentencing for former Erie City Council President Sonya Arrington has been delayed

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Sentencing for former Erie City Council President Sonya Arrington has been delayed.

Arrington has admitted to embezzling $70,000 from her non-profit.

Here is the reaction from lawyers about rescheduling the sentencing.

Sentencing is now expected to take place on May 24th.

The lingering court case is taking more than two years to reach it’s final day in court.

Lawyers we spoke to said there could be a reason why Arrington is requesting to reschedule.

Time is of the essence as former Erie City Council President Sonya Arrington is requesting a new sentencing date.

“In Miss. Arrington’s case there were of course different parts, a plea hearing motions. Courts look at different continuations based on the different proceeding that the court is looking at a time,” said Bruce Sandmeyer, Family Law and Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Sentencing was expected to take place on Tuesday. There was no immediate information as to why the change was made.

“The court wants to make sure that every defendant gets their day in court to present all information that is needed for sentencing,” said Sandmeyer.

Arrington pleaded guilty to embezzling $70,000 from her non-profit Mothers Against Teen Violence for six years.

Arrington could face a sentence of more than two years under federal guidelines.

Another lawyer told us that Arrington could want to appear in person to persuade the judge of a lower sentence.

“It gives the defendant the chance to express what they did. They won’t do it again even though the attorney laid it out that face to face contact,” said Stephen Sebald, Defense Attorney.

We reached out to Arrington’s attorney, Leonard Ambrose for a comment, he did not get back to us before airtime.

Arrington’s defense attorney is making a case for probation or house arrest instead of jail time.

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