Sentencing of Sonya Arrington raises some questions about the $100,000 still owed in restitution

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Former Erie City Council President Sonya Arrington’s sentencing raises some questions about the $100,000 that is still owed in restitution.

Besides being sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison, Arrington was ordered to pay back the money she stole and spent on personal luxuries and gambling.

Federal Judge David Cercone ordered Sonya Arrington to pay $70,000 in restitution that was taken from Arrington’s Mothers Against Teen Violence Charity, along with $30,000 that fraudulently taken in social security disability funds.

One local attorney said that it is not likely the victims will see the money.

“Realistically the chances of full recovery for the victim in cases like this is minimal. That’s because the individual has typically spent all of their money,” said John Carlson, Defense Attorney.

The victims will be repaid on a pro rata basis which translates to roughly thirty cents on the dollar going to victims of the Mothers Against Teen Violence Charity.

Carlson said that this process will begin once Arrington is released from prison.

“The probation officer who supervises her for that period of time will oversee and enforce the restitution. In addition there will be a lean against any real property that she owns,” said Carlson.

One public defender said it could be possible for Arrington to pay restitution especially taking her assets into consideration.

“I suspect in the Arrington case you know this has been going on for five or six years and I don’t know but I suspect there has been an attempt to accumulate debt or that restitution figure,” said Pat Kennedy, Chief Public Defender for Erie County.

Kennedy said that this time could indicate a stronger possibility the $100,000 will be repaid.

“Most people have an interest right now of having their records expunged and their not gonna get an expungement or rather a pardon until all debt is associated with it is paid,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy said that in many instances, it may take a while to pay off restitution.

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