ServeErie is making progress at Pfeiffer Burleigh Elementary and Booker T. Washington Center

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ServeErie is back at it again, giving schools and community centers a much-needed facelift.

ServeErie is a community-based initiative whose mission is to clean up local schools and community centers in the city of Erie.  This time around, volunteers are focusing on Pfeiffer Burleigh Elementary School as well as the Booker T. Washington Center.

Lisa Holman is leading this project.  She says, “We’re going to be refreshing the classrooms with cleaning and painting.  We’re doing some refurbishing and some building… shelving and closet space for the teachers and the students.  We’re fixing up the library and the steam room; just giving an all-around great place for the kids to learn.”

At the Booker T. Washington Center, some bigger projects are underway: a new roof, shed, ceiling tiles, and paint are just some things volunteers are doing to spruce the center up. 

Leonard Ford, Director of the Booker T., says, “This center, this is the heart of the community.  It’s in the central part of the city.  Between the WIC Office, summer programs, college classes, training, drug and alcohol programs, I mean… this is the heart of the community.”

The Booker T. Washington Center has been serving the community for nearly a century.  And with this project, hundreds of volunteers are getting the chance to give back.  

Executive Director of the center, Shantel Hilliard, says she hopes to see this passion go beyond this project.  “It feels good and so, hopefully, this momentum can carry over to not only just working on facilities, but also just coming together as a community and seeing what we can do to change our community for the better.”

The work at these two buildings will continue through Saturday.  Anyone who wants to lend a hand can show up at either location for one of the two shifts, which are 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm.

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