ServeErie volunteers need your help with their latest school initiative!

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One of the most straightforward ways to create a healthy environment in schools is to keep them up-to-date and clean. ServeErie is partnering with Pfeiffer Burleigh Elementary School and the Booker T. Washington Center for its third school initiative. 

The principal of Pfeiffer Burleigh, Karin Ryan, believes redesigning the space will be a great way to start the school year.  New murals, floors, and upgrades in the classrooms are just some of the renovations being done. 

Ryan says, “as you can see, people have been coming in to give up their time since the end of this past school year, so for me, it’s humbling to know how much people care about our kids and how much people value what we do here at school. “

ServeErie volunteers will converge on the school and center this week to complete all sorts of projects. The projects will include painting, cleaning, landscaping, drywall, and bathroom renovations. 

New boys and girls locker rooms, a music room, and a roof that doesn’t leak are just some of the things that are being worked on at the Booker T. Washington Center.

Director at the Booker T., Leonard Ford, says, “I said this in the meeting that they’re the unseen angels; they come around and they take something that has no more value or has lost its gloss they revitalize it for you.”

This initiative supports the community schools model as well as revitalization efforts in the center city neighborhood. 

Volunteers are always welcomed and encouraged!  ServeErie Executive Director Marcus Atkinson says, “…people can register.  We’ve measured this over the last couple years.  This time, the sign-ups are so-so.  It’s that last week, there’s a huge rush and even the day off…”

Programs like these show the students and their families how much the schools care about them, how much they believe in them, and care about their education.

The initiative starts Thursday, August 2nd and lasts until Saturday, August 4th.  

To learn more about how you can help, click here!

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