Seven locations around Erie contain high levels of algal blooms

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Seven locations have been found to contain high levels of toxins from algal blooms.

Erie County Health Department is now advising pet owners to keep their pets out of the contaminated waters around Erie.

After talking with the Erie County Department of Health, officials said it’s important to watch the waters that you allow your pets into. The Department of Health has advised pet owners to keep pets out of the waters after test samples of seven locations revealed frighting levels of toxins in the water.

“Those toxin levels have been higher than we would like them to be for dogs to be in the water,” said Breanna Adams, Director of Environmental Health Services.

Adams added if dogs drink the water in any form it can cause them to throw up, and become ill.

One furry, four-legged friend this will impact is Buddy.

“Yeah, he loves to swim,” said James Jackson, dog owner. Jackson said he tends to take buddy to Presque Isle on a weekly basis.

“He definitely likes to go towards the water. I’ll definitely try to keep him away since it sounds like its not too crazy safe right now,” said Jackson.

Adams said if you have to guess if something is a harmful algal bloom, the best bet is to keep your pet out of the water. She added levels are not life threatening to humans at this time.

Signs are posted in areas with dangerous levels. You can see a live google map updated with locations closed for pets on the Erie County Website.

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