Sheetz abandons plans to build in the city of Erie

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The empty lot that sits on the corner of West 38th and Liberty was going to be filled by a Sheetz convenience store and gas station, but not anymore.

“The plaza’s got a lot of heart and and it’s coming back to life and revitalizing, so a Sheetz would of been really helpful for that,” said Eric Kowalski, general manager at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.

Kowalski says he has hope that the right business will come along and fill the empty spot. “You just got to kind of persevere and hopefully the right people come along and can hang tight, we’ve been here three years now,” Kowalski added. 

While some businesses are disappointed in the fact that Sheetz is not building right there, others aren’t saying the same thing. “It’s a good thing that Sheetz is not opening in this locale,” said said Sam Paparelli, owner of 1000 beers. 

Paparelli says he hopes a local business builds in that lot. “Someone that wants to invest their time and treasure in Erie to produce something that the local residents are going to enjoy and the money is going to stay here,” said Paparelli. 

Meanwhile, the public relations manager for the Altoona based Sheetz did send us a statement about their decision to not build and it reads:

“Sheetz is constantly evaluating site strategy in each market in which it operates.  With that in mind, we have decided not to pursue a store on this site.”

 As of right now the lot is still up for lease until further notice.

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