Shelters help dogs in fighting incident

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As an Erie man faces multiple felony charges after an alleged dog fighting bust, many are asking how long the abuse continued.
In this particular case the Humane Society of Northwest Pennsylvania was suspicious of these actions. 
They are treating seven of the dogs involved, the A.N.N.A Shelter is treating another seven.
According to the Erie County Prison, Swift has been released on $25,000 bond.
The Chief Investigating Officer at the Humane Society said she investigated Swift’s home about three months ago after receiving police reports from neighbors that the dogs were being mistreated.  
Swift allowed officer Lisa Stiles to inspect the outside area of his home. 
She said there were no violations at the time and the dogs appeared healthy.
She could not enter the home because there was not enough evidence to obtain a warrant to go inside.  
Danny Swift, 41, faces multiple felony charges of animal fighting, as well as cruelty to animals and possession of animal fighting paraphernalia.
Erie police discovered the dogs after they were called to 1047 W. 28th St. Monday night to investigate reports of animal cruelty.

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