Ship visiting Erie inspired the creation of the Star-Spangled Banner

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ERIE, Pa. — A ship that inspired our nation’s national anthem is in Erie for the Tall Ships festival.

The Pride of Baltimore II was built in Baltimore’s inner harbor and is a reproduction of the 1812 era topsail schooners that were called Baltimore clippers.

These ships helped America win the War of 1812 and secure its freedom.

It was during the Battle of Baltimore that crew members raised a replica of the 15-star, 15-stripe American flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star-Spangled Banner.

“In defense of Baltimore in September 1814 a little better than two centuries ago was observed by the author of the Star-Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key and so these vessels that bring to the United States their national anthem,” Captain of the Pride of Baltimore II Jan Miles said.

The Pride of Baltimore II has sailed nearly 200,000 miles, visiting over 200 ports.

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