Shooter dead in city bus stand-off

Local News

A terrifying shootout occurred in a crowded Baltimore City bus earlier this month.  The gunman, firing at cops rushing the scene, a gun in each hand.  

The gunman, Blaine Erb, was armed with two, 40 caliber handguns and several magazines of ammunition.  Baltimore County Police say Erb tried robbing two people before getting on the bus.  When police pulled the bus over, Erb reacted.  

In the middle of the gunfire, passengers were frantically running, one wounded in the crossfire.  An officer was shot, while most other officers used their cars as shields.

A witness to the incident, Crystal Pearce, tells us that it was “like watching a horror movie” in her back yard.  

Erb fleed the bus, running at officers while shooting.  Eventually, he was killed by police.

No word yet as to the motive of the shooting.

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