Shooting victim’s grandmother’s house riddled by gunfire

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A shooting victim’s grandmother’s house is riddled by gunfire. Now the District Attorney is addressing retaliation in the City of Erie.

16-year-old Elijah Jackson was shot and killed eight months ago at a house party. Then, just a little more than a week ago his alleged killers were taken in to police custody and charged with his murder. Now, this morning his grandmother’s house was riddled with bullets, and police aren’t so sure it was a coincidence.

Five shots were fired into the East Erie home early Monday morning. The victims, the grandparents, wish to remain anonymous. They were awakened by gunfire and the shattering of their windows.

Police say it appears the home may have been targeted. Is it retaliation after Jackson’s alleged killers were taken into custody just over a week ago? That’s what police are working to find out. District Attorney Jack Daneri says whether this incident is or not, retaliation is an ongoing problem in Erie. Daneri says he sees enough that it is certainly disturbing.

Daneri says that retaliation happens in other cities not just in Erie, but he says the size of the city makes it a little easier for retaliation to occur because a lot of people know one another.

Daneri says the court system takes retaliation very seriously, and if someone is caught retaliating against a witness, they could face felony charges.

As for Jackson’s grandmother, she says she and her husband have thought about moving out of Erie. But for now, they’ll keep an eye out on their surroundings, whether they are being targeted or not.

The investigation is ongoing. Police say there are not any suspects at this time. Again, police cannot say for sure whether or not this is indeed retaliation.

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