Shoppers make their way to Millcreek Mall for Black Friday deals

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This year’s Black Friday is not your typical shopping experience. Many people deciding to pass on the holiday tradition this year.

The Millcreek Mall still saw some foot traffic for Black Friday 2020. It comes just 24 hours after the state reported the highest number of COVID-19 cases for Erie County.

Starting at 6:00 a.m., shoppers started to make their way in for deals.

“I wanted to come out. It’s the best time to get some good deals, products and early Christmas gifts for the family.” said Thomas Sawiki.

With a lack of crowds, lines continued to build throughout the Millcreek Mall.

“We saw a lot less people this year. Less deals this year. I feel like a lot of the deals are online this year.” said Hayley Reichard.

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to spike, just one of the reasons many decided to not turn out for the shopping experience.

“With the increase of COVID-19 numbers, people are scared, you know. They’re going to cut back on shopping and do a lot of it online.” Reichard said.

The pandemic was still on shoppers mind as they entered the complex.

“The pandemic is definitely a concern. We can only do what we do, which is wear a mask, stay away from other people, social distance, you can only do so much.” Sawiki said.

From a manager’s standpoint, store manager Belynda D’Andrea says they anticipated smaller crowds. Businesses have been picking up as the day goes on.

“It kind of feels like a regular Saturday. There were not the crowds we had last year. We are starting to see as the hour goes by, more people are coming in.” D’Andrea said.

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