Should residents pay higher taxes to increase teachers’ wages?

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ERIE, Pa. – The Warren County School District teachers’ strike and an email from Bob Merski have raised a big topic of discussion in the community: Whether or not residents should pay higher taxes to increase teachers’ wages.

Some residents said they would take a tax hike if it meant more money for teachers because they believe it will bring a better education for students.

“I feel like I would, yes,” Lisa Kraus said. “I don’t disagree with it. I feel like they do a phenomenal job.”

Others said they already pay enough in property taxes and would be frustrated paying more.

“No, I think our taxes are already high enough in the Millcreek and Erie area,” Clarice Sidun said. “We work hard to have our house and work hard at our job, so I think our property taxes and state taxes are already high enough.”

Both sides agreed this has become a big topic of discussion in the community.

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