Should teachers be armed with guns?

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Thursday February 22, 2018 – William Hall, Millcreek Township Superintendent, says he was opposed to the idea of arming teachers with guns in the classroom, but the recent school shooting in Florida may have changed his mind.     
    President Donald Trump has proposed the idea saying “a ‘gun free’ school is a magnet for bad people.” 
    Trump argued that “highly trained, gun adept” teachers and coaches would solve the problem of an active shooter and would dissuade would-be attackers.
    Hall says he doesn’t know what the perfect solution would be, but it’s time to consider all options.  

“The fact that we have 9 -10 buildings and a resource officer at one or two of those buildings, I think we need to have the discussion a little more seriously. You have to put everything on the table, because we are locally based as a school district, you need to hear from your people and your community and go from there,” says Hall.

The PSEA is against the idea. President Dolores McCracken released this statement.

“We are all shocked and horrified by the recent mass shootings that have occurred in public schools across America, in places where students should feel safest. PSEA is committed to working with Gov. Tom Wolf and lawmakers to find ways to ensure that these tragedies never happen again. But we are absolutely certain that legislation aimed at arming school employees would make our kids less safe, and we strongly oppose state and federal efforts to put more guns in schools. Teachers are not trained law enforcement officers – their job is to educate children and act as role models. PSEA is not opposed to the use of appropriately trained and armed school safety personnel in schools, like the school safety officers that some districts employ. What our Association does oppose is arming teachers, education support professionals, and other school staff. Proposals like these would create more problems for first responders arriving at the scene of an armed confrontation, making it more difficult to immediately distinguish a perpetrator from a school employee. PSEA is for strategies that keep students safe. Arming school staff members doesn’t keep students safe. That’s why we oppose it.”

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